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Custom Pergolas

Justhangits' latest offering  is our unique and  affordable Pergola System makes building a custom personal pergola so worthwhile as you can easily dismantle it and take it with you when you move home or want to move it to another space in your garden. 


The possibilities are endless, limited only by your imagination. The connectors/brackets are made from stainless steel, powder coated in black or any color of your choice ensuring that these components will not rust.  The wood is Engineered Structural Timber and top quality and will withstand the harsh UAE sun and heat.  Our precision welding and design leave the inside tube smooth for easy installation. of the posts.  Posts are standard size 100mm x 100mm.    

Installing these pergolas can instantly transform your outdoor space. In addition to providing shade and creating a focal point, a well-built pergola adds a “wow” factor that can revive an underutilized outdoor area.

Each connector tube/bracket is carefully designed and precision-welded, so posts slide in and attach easily. Because the steel tubing is 50% thicker than standard outdoor hardware, your pergola will remain strong and sturdy for years to come.

The base brackets are used to secure your pergola to wood or composite decks, concrete, or any other structurally sound surface.

Additional options include:

  • Attach a sunshade. Reduce the harsh effects of the sun by connecting a sunshade overhead or to the side of your pergola. Simply attach sunshade hardware to your posts and snap in your shade.

  • Connect a hammock. Create a relaxing space or reading nook by using connectors to attach a hammock directly to your pergola’s posts.

  • Grow climbing plants. Install fencing on the sides, back, and top of your pergola and plant climbing plants in the ground or a planter box

  • Paint or stain your posts any colour of your choice.


Pergola design idea

Wooden Pole.png

Wooden Post

Corner Bracket.png


3-way bracket.png




Base Bracket.png



Sunshade (custom size)

The perfect solution for unique, robust and affordable steel laundry lines and custom steel structures for commercial, industrial, recreational and residential applications. 

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