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4 Easy Ways to Clean and Protect your Stainless-Steel Laundry Lines

Stainless steel is perhaps best known for its capacity to resist rust and corrosion and will last you a lifetime of service, yet dust, dirt, grime and salty air (especially if you live near the coast) may put stainless steel appliances at risk for surface rusting.

Keeping your laundry line steel frame (especially if used outdoors) clean is easy to do, and you do not need any expensive products. You only need to give your laundry line a simple wipe down once a week.

Microfiber cleaning cloths are an excellent choice to use when polishing stainless steel because they do an exceptional job of absorbing all the water without scratching the surface. You can buy special polishing cloths which are finer than normal microfiber to give your appliances a final polish. Most of the smudges will likely vanish without the need for special supplies or chemicals. Using the techniques listed above; your stainless-steel appliances will stay looking superb for a long time.

If you do notice some surface rust, you can use a fine scouring pad and with hardly any effort the rust will be removed. When scouring the surface, it is very important to scour with the grain of the steel. Do not scour across the grain as you will then see the scratches on the stainless-steel. 

You will find 4 easy ways to clean your stainless-steel appliance for a flawless and protected finish.

1.   Lemon Oil Furniture Polish

Simply apply a bit of it to a clean towel and rub on your appliance. Once you have evenly applied, wipe clean with a different micro-cloth towel. It is not recommended that you apply the furniture polish directly to the stainless- steel surface, as it may not be applied evenly leaving you with more work trying to clean off the excess.


2.  White Vinegar & Olive Oil

Apply white vinegar directly to a microfiber cloth, or spray directly onto your surface. Let sit for just a moment, and then wipe clean in the direction of the grain. Apply the vinegar as many times as necessary to remove any grime. Then dab a clean towel into some olive oil and polish the freshly cleaned surface in the direction of the grain. If any extra olive oil residue remains, wipe away with a clean cloth. This method works well because the vinegar gets rid of all the grime, while the olive oil gives it a fresh, shiny polish.


3.   WD-40

The oddest yet best way to clean and protect your stainless-steel appliance is by using WD-40. Go look in the garage or wherever you store your tools, and you will likely have a bottle laying around. Simply spray some WD-40 directly onto a microfibre cleaning cloth and wipe the frame.

Instantly, the surface of your appliance will be clean and shiny. And as a bonus, WD-40 also provides a layer of protection against salty air that can cause oxidization and helps prevent pesky fingerprints from appearing later.





4.   Or… You can Buy A Stainless-Steel Cleaner - using Wipes, Spray or Polish

Stainless-steel cleaners are more expensive than the other options but they do work very well. Your choice entirely.











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Grain (tiny striations on the stainless-steel)
Care kit

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